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Seller's Coverage

6 months of Standard Coverage
HVAC Tune-Up and Rekey Service
Award-winning Coverage Through the Listing Period
How it Works

With Seller’s Coverage, you’ll get budget protection on covered breakdowns while your home is on the market. Once the seller agrees to provide a Landmark Home Warranty for the buyer, the Seller will have 6 months of coverage. The buyer’s plan can be paid out from the proceeds of the sale of the home. If a covered breakdown occurs, the seller will pay their service fee and a partial payment towards the future buyer’s plan.

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Seller’s coverage not only helps you protect your client’s budget, but it can help mitigate any potential covered inspection issues at closing. Our Seller’s Coverage no longer has a $1,500 coverage/payout limit. That means sellers can have award-winning coverage throughout the listing period without worrying about a total cost of claims limit.

We provide sign riders and table tents to help listings stand out against the competition. Contact your local representative to find out more!

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