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Landmark Home Warranty Rolls Out New Contract

Landmark Home Warranty has released a new contract with increased coverage.

Customer Feedback and Requests Brings Major Change to Landmark's Plans

SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH –  May 1, 2016 – For over 10 years, Landmark Home Warranty has been helping homeowners by saving them money and time when their home's systems or appliances break down. Now the company is planning on helping customers a whole lot more with brand new coverage options.

In May of 2016, Landmark Home Warranty did a soft launch of seven new plans, pricing, and coverage; the first major contract change the company has had in three years. The main reason for this change? Fulfilling customer's requests.

Riley Schroeder, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and the main driver behind the contract changes, said with the growth the company has seen in the past three years they needed to expand to truly offer what customers wanted from a home warranty company.

"Since 2013 Landmark has grown substantially, both in our customer count and in our ability to analyze our service experience," Schroeder said. "We request customer feedback with each service request and found that our customers wanted more clearly defined coverage language and more comprehensive inclusions – so we responded in kind."

​​​​​​​Landmark Home Warranty's new plans at a glance.

It seems as though homeowners see the value of the additional coverage, as the number of contracts has increased by 9% over the last few weeks since the soft launch.

"Homeowners are excited about our new plans, particularly the top-tier coverage options," Schroeder said. "We anticipate our customer satisfaction will improve with this number as well, as more customers are selecting our most comprehensive plans."

So, What's Changed?

Landmark has seven brand new plans across all six states they service with various options so homeowners can customize their coverage to fit their budget. Each contract has been specifically tailored for state-specific coverage.

Chris Smith, President of Landmark Home Warranty, said one of the shortcomings of Landmark's old plans was that they covered systems that may not have been as popular for one state as they were for another. Many times customers would request coverage on systems that were specific for their region. The new contracts reflect those requests, Smith said.

"Homeowners across different states use different systems and appliances in their homes due to different climates and housing styles," Smith said. "Our new plans are different for each state to make sure what Landmark is covering is exactly what they need."

There are five new plans for homes that are involved in a real estate transaction, and there are two new plans for homeowners who already own their home and want to protect it. Smith said these plans reflect coverage on what really matters for both new homeowners and homeowners who have lived in their homes for a few years.

"While the real estate plans have similar coverage to the existing homeowner plans, the real estate plans cover things like re-key service and lack of maintenance from the sellers," he said. "Those are things that new homeowners need from a home warranty company, but current homeowners wouldn't use."

For those homeowners who are buying a home warranty on a home they currently own, the two new plans focus on providing protection on the parts of the home the homeowners are most worried about. The most basic plan focuses on covering the systems in a home, and the second plan adds coverage on the appliances.

​​​​​​​Landmark Home Warranty's plan can be tailored to fit a homeowner's needs.

This change was made as many times a homeowners' appliances are newer than their home's systems. Some homeowners update the appliances when they move into a place, and the lifespans for appliances are shorter than home's systems, so they may already have newer appliances that don't need home warranty coverage.

"You may have replaced your appliances as you've lived in the home, but most likely you haven't updated your HVAC, electrical or plumbing systems," Smith said. "We wanted to give homeowners the option of getting coverage on those systems without adding expense for appliances that may not need protection at this time."

While some might think that this new added coverage is going to increase the plans by hundreds of dollars, most plans remained the same price, or increased by $25-$75.

Schroeder said he is excited to have so many options for homeowners to choose the best coverage for their home and budget.

"Finally our customers have the options they're looking for," he said. "Whether they're buying a home, renewing their warranty or are a shopper looking for tailored coverage – we have a great selection of options for customers to choose from!"

Alma Jeppson, CEO and Owner of Landmark Home Warranty, said he is proud and eager to see how much more Landmark can help their customers with these plans.

"With this new coverage, we are truly expanding our ability to help individuals in need, which is what Landmark is all about," Jeppson said. "I am proud of my team for always going above and beyond in assisting customers. These new contracts will help them do that even more."

Landmark's New Real Estate Plans

There are five new plans for homes that are being sold, or have been sold within the last 30 days. All of Landmark's new real estate plans include re-key service and HVAC tune-ups. They also cover lack of maintenance, sediment damage, rust, and corrosion. (Learn more on this by reading the contract for your state, which you can download here.)

These plans change for one-half of the states Landmark covers because of different climates. The specifics are below:

Arizona, Nevada, and Texas

Here is a quick guide of what plans are offered in these states, as well as a quick guide of what's covered in each plan.

​​​​​​​Landmark Home Warranty's plans for Arizona, Texas, and Nevada.

Keep in mind that these quick guides do not detail all of the coverage for each system and appliance, nor the changes for each state! Make sure to download the contract to see pricing and a full list of coverage.

Utah, Idaho, and Oregon

​​​​​​​Landmark Home Warranty's plans for Utah, Idaho, and Oregon.

Landmark's New Existing Homeowner Plans

There are two new plans for all six states that Landmark provides services on for existing homeowners. The newest change for homeowners is that they can customize their service call fee and yearly payment to meet their needs.

Existing homeowners can purchase a plan for a lower service call fee but a higher yearly payment, or a higher service call fee with a lower yearly payment. Whichever one a customer chooses depends on how many times they think they will be making a service request.

If the home will only have a handful of service calls throughout the year, homeowners can save money when they sign up by getting the lower yearly price and higher service call fee. If the home has a number of different problems, homeowners may want to purchase the higher yearly price with a lower service call fee.

The following is what the two new plans cover:

​​​​​​​Landmark Home Warranty's homeowner plans.

For a full list of coverage and pricing for your state please download a full brochure and contract.

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