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Landmark Home Warranty named Best Regional Home Warranty for the Fifth Time

SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH — January 31, 2020 — Landmark Home Warranty has been named the Best Regional Home Warranty Company for the second year in a row, and a fifth time in total. 

Landmark Home Warranty president Dave Hill said he was thrilled Landmark has been given the title for the second year in a row.

“This also marks the fifth time we’ve won the award since we’ve been in business,” he said. “It is truly a testament of our commitment to our customers.”

The Best Home Warranty in the Region award is given annually by Home Warranty Reviews.com, a home warranty review and research website focused on comparing home warranty companies using real customer feedback. The award is based on four different factors, including this customer feedback.

The Home Warranty Reviews.com website states that the home warranty companies go through a strict evaluation process. There are only four awards given by Home Warranty Reviews each year, and only one in each category.

To win one of the four exclusive awards, home warranty companies must show exemplary customer service and claims resolution, while providing an excellent digital experience.

The first two factors where Landmark excelled were the commitment to customer retention and satisfaction. As customers review and give feedback on the Home Warranty Reviews website, how the home warranty companies respond and resolve customer issues is taken into account while evaluating them for the awards.

Landmark was also given the award based on ease of use, particularly on their website, and how the home warranty company engages with their customers on social media.

In the last few years, Landmark Home Warranty has worked to increase customer service and retention, and has created a better designed website for user experience.

Dave Hill believes that these improvements have been a major factor in Landmark Home Warranty being named the Best Regional Home Warranty Company again. 

“We are always striving to improve our customer service and claims resolution process,” Hill said. “It’s the largest place where we can really help our customers and show them that we care. We’re grateful that these efforts are recognized.”

Hill said the award is an excellent start into the new decade and shows promise for 2020.

“Here at Landmark, we are grateful to accept the award, and will strive to keep our winning streak for 2021,” he said.

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