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Landmark Goes Above And Beyond For Home Warranty Customers

Landmark Home Warranty goes above and beyond to deliver remarkable service.

At Landmark Home Warranty we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service for our homeowners. In fact, that's our tagline: "Delivering Remarkable Service." We do all that we can to ensure our homeowners know their home warranty is an asset to them. Jeff Mabey, a Workforce Manager at Landmark Home Warranty, "Delivered Remarkable Service" when he went above and beyond for a customer, even though the claim the customer had filed wasn't covered in Landmark's contract. These are Jeff's experiences delivering remarkable service at Landmark Home Warranty. 

Our number one priority at Landmark Home Warranty is customer satisfaction. Since we are in the service industry, Landmark is dedicated to taking care of our homeowners, even if we cannot provide coverage through their home warranty plan. We want anyone that encounters Landmark Home Warranty to walk away feeling valued and part of our Landmark family. Additionally, anyone who is hired at Landmark Home Warranty strives to provide remarkable service and does everything in their power to help our customers. We thrive on the satisfaction it brings our homeowners when we go the extra mile.

All of Landmark's customers are considered part of the Landmark family..

As a home warranty company, we help homeowners with repairs on covered items that have failed due to normal usage. The greatest benefit of a home warranty is that there is little or no cost to the homeowner to complete covered repairs! Generally, to get a covered system or appliance repaired or replaced, a homeowner only pays  the service call fee for diagnosis and potentially some additional costs if they something isn’t covered under the warranty plan. Repairs that would normally cost hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars can end up costing next to nothing because the homeowner has a home warranty. Of course, Landmark Home Warranty cannot cover every single repair. However, Landmark will repair or replace the system or appliance that has failed when the problem falls within the guidelines of the contract.

On one occasion, because of what was noted on a home inspection, Landmark was unable to provide coverage on a claim. Understandably, the homeowner was frustrated and upset that Landmark Home Warranty could not provide the service the homeowner was expecting. Landmark employees wanted to help the homeowner with their claim – after all, the mission at Landmark Home Warranty is to Deliver Remarkable Service. What could I do to deliver a high standard of service to a customer who felt as if Landmark just didn't care? After considering different options, I received authorization to offer the repair at Landmark cost. While this is not a commonly available option, the contractor was willing to go the extra mile to perform the repair at the same rate Landmark would have paid. A solution was given that both satisfied the homeowner and Landmark was able to provide remarkable service, while still not covering the claim through the bonds of the contract. While setting up the repair, the homeowner mentioned to me that although it wasn't what they expected, they were extremely grateful that Landmark went the extra mile to take care of them. 

​​​​​​​A Landmark Home Warranty employee always focuses on delivering remarkable service to their customers.

Delivering remarkable service is what it's all about as an employee of Landmark Home Warranty.

If you want to experience what it's like to have a home warranty company who truly cares about their customers, look no further than Landmark Home Warranty. Visit us at www.landmarkhw.com to learn more about our coverage, claims processes, and pricing.

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