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Introducing: The Landmark Bistro

April Fools for Landmark Home Warranty

SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH — April 1, 2016 —Here at Landmark, we know how important it is to give our customers what they want. After doing a lot of research we have found that you, our customers, don't want us to protect their systems and appliances as a home warranty company. No, you have overwhelmingly asked for a Landmark restaurant instead! Because we're all about delivering remarkable service to our customers, and giving you what you need, we have heard your requests and are happy to announce ...

The Landmark Bistro!

None of us have great skill in menu planning or cooking restaurant-style meals. What we're really great at is repairing and replacing your plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems. But why would that stop us from creating some delicious food offerings? It wouldn't! We used our knowledge and skills of the systems and appliances in your home to create a mouthwatering selection of food that really is a "home-cooked" meal, as they would say.

The following is our menu:

April Fools! Landmark Home Warranty introduced the Landmark Bistro as an April Fools joke.


Refrigerant Sipper

Don't worry! It isn't actually Freon; we know that would be disastrous. This light blue raspberry drink has refreshing cool notes and a freezing aftertaste. We cool it for 5 hours inside our well-maintained refrigerators, and the drink arrives in a decorative cup made from old evaporative fridge coils.

Refills only for Advantage Coverage Contract Holders


Evaporative Cooler Chilled Salad

This delightful salad is a mix of arugula, romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas, carrot shavings and our house "Warranty" dressing. What makes this salad special is the way it's prepared – we know how important it is that the greens are crisp and chilled before eating a salad. That's why we chill our salad in an evaporative cooler before serving!

Unlimited Salads Served

Water Heater Soup

Our soup is made in-house ... literally. We've transformed a water heater to create vats of the stuff at a time so we never run out. Chicken broth, wide egg noodles, lemongrass, carrots and celery come together to create a pleasant and light appetizer.


Electrifying Pasta

This one's spicy! Fettuccini noodles are topped with spicy shrimp, blackened peppers, tomatoes and a pepper pesto sauce. This pasta is electrifying!

Furnace-Cooked Pizza

Wood-fired pizzas are all the rage these days, but why would you eat that if you could eat furnace-cooked pizza? We literally cook your thin-crusted pie inside of a home's furnace. Don't worry! We change the filter every month!

Choose from cheese, pepperoni or veggie

Radiant Heater Grilled Steak

We know there's a lot of creative ways to grill steak – and we know how important it is to have those beautiful grill marks! That's why we've created the radiant heater grilled steaks. The beautiful wavy grill pattern is sure to set your dinner apart from the rest.


Freestanding Ice Cream Made in Icemaker

We don't know how we managed this one, but we've made ice cream in a freestanding ice maker! Choose from chocolate, vanilla, or peanut butter.

Icemaker Ice Cream an Add-On for Additional Cost

April Fools!

We're not really changing to a restaurant - we're still a home warranty company! We will continue our reliable service; repairing and replacing your home's systems and appliances. For more information on what we actually provide, take a look at our home warranty coverage.

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