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Alma Jeppson Named Utah Entrepreneur Of The Year

Landmark Home Warranty's founder wins the entrepreneur of the year award.

Alma Jeppson Shows His Leadership and Innovation by Winning Big with the Entrepreneurs' Organization of Utah

SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH – On December 12, 2014, Alma Jeppson returned home from The Utah Entrepreneurs' Organization Annual Christmas party with his bag a few pounds heavier, and his heart a little lighter. Jeppson had just been named the Utah Entrepreneur of the Year and was awarded an Oscar-esque statue, something that symbolized his incredible achievements at Landmark Home Warranty.

For Jeppson, however, the award that proclaimed him Utah's Entrepreneur of the Year didn't hold as much importance to him as knowing he had succeeded in helping others through Landmark Home Warranty.

"My satisfaction comes from knowing that we have created opportunities for families to be blessed because of Landmark," Jeppson said. "All the trophies and accolades in the world will never give me the same satisfaction as watching someone taking their dream vacation ... coming to work with a smile on their face because they love what they do, or overcoming a vice because of the positive influence within Landmark's walls. That is the true award!"

The title of Utah Entrepreneur of the Year shows that Jeppson has done just that, and more. According to Matt Griffith, Marketing and Communication's Chair for EO Utah, this annual award is given out to the person who has proven to be the best entrepreneur in the chapter for that year.

"This could be the person who grew their company, was super innovative, proved a concept, and so on," Griffith said. 

Each member of an EO chapter belongs in a forum, which is made up of 6-10 members, and those forums make up the chapter itself, which includes 79 members. To determine the chapter's Entrepreneur of the Year, each forum votes on which member has shown the most entrepreneurship that year. Jeppson was chosen out of his forum and was then voted as the chapter's Entrepreneur of the Year for 2014.

Watch Alma's Acceptance Speech Here:

Griffith said Jeppson won because he has shown so much growth and leadership with his company, Landmark Home Warranty. 

"He has implemented new strategy and executed on that strategy," Griffith said. "This is not easy to do. He was truly the most successful among us not only over the past year, but this has been in the works for the past few years."

Jeppson attributes much of his success to what he has learned within the Entrepreneurs' Organization, and the individuals he works with at Landmark Home Warranty.

"I have listened numerous times to incredible entrepreneurs share experiences about their business and family that are so close to their heart; whether it be the most uplifting events or the ultimate struggles," he said. "Those experiences have given me the courage to take action on new ideas or to potentially avoid certain directions. When I come back from EO meetings to share different ideas with our executive team, it is as if they then take it to a different level. They are willing to make tough decisions or make course changes if needed. I love working for and with them." 

Jeppson said he was not expecting to win the award, and even during the ceremony, when his wife whispered and told him she thought he was going to be named Entrepreneur of the Year, he didn't believe her. 

"When they called my name I was in disbelief," he said. "There are so many outstanding entrepreneurs in our group that deserve equally as much. The reality is, winning this is a testament to the people that I have surrounded myself with. Those in my EO group and the Landmark Family are why we are here today." 

Jeppson has been involved with the Utah Chapter of the Entrepreneurs' Organization since 2009, just five years after he created Landmark Home Warranty. 


Landmark Home Warranty is a leading regional home warranty company, founded in 2004, and committed to providing comprehensive and dependable home warranty services in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Utah. Coverage includes repairs and replacements of home comfort systems, appliances, interior electrical, and plumbing. Landmark Home Warranty was named one of the "5000 fastest growing companies" in 2014 and 2013 by Inc. Magazine and is a privately held company with 90 employees based in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

For more information visit: www.landmarkhw.com.

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