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Your Responsibilities as a Home Warranty Homeowner

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As a homeowner, there are a lot of responsibilities you have regarding your house...especially when it comes to maintenance and upkeep! It can be really daunting. Here at Landmark Home Warranty, we always want to make your life easier. That is why we’ve created what your responsibilities are as a home warranty customer.

TIP: Breaking up maintenance monthly can help you not feel so overwhelmed!!

This is a general guideline of what your responsibilities are for maintenance of your systems and appliances. Here is the good news: not all of the maintenance has to be done by a professional! You can find a lot of DIY solutions on our blog!

HVAC Systems:

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image for the blog how to clean a fridge's evaporative coils

Washing Machine:

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  • You should visually inspect the hoses behind the washer. If there are any bulges, or visual leaks, you will need to call a technician to have the hose replaced.
  • You should also clean the inside of your washer using baking soda and vinegar.
  • Remember to leave the washing machine door open to reduce mold or mildew build-up.


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  • Landmark recommends that you have your dryer duct cleaned annually. This will reduce long dry times, excessive wear and tear on the unit, higher utility bills and potential house fires.
  • If you clean the dryer’s lint trap after every use, allowing for proper air flow and shorter dry times


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  • As a homeowner you should clean any visible grease that accumulates and could cause a potential fire hazard.
  • You should clean the filters on your cooktop. This is important because if the filters are clogged, they are less effective at trapping grease and smoke, creating a fire hazard.


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  • You should clean the inside of your microwave after every use to remove any splattered food particles. This will ensure that the micro “waves” are properly heating and cooking the food.


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  • As a homeowner you should clean out any debris in the bottom of the unit to allow proper water flow and drainage to get the best cleaning results. You should clean the filter once a month.
  • Running an empty cycle using a cup of vinegar will help to deodorize the dishwasher


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Landmark has so many more DIY Repairs and Maintenance from garage doors to spring maintenance checklists on our blog!

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