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What is the Value of a Home Warranty?

What is the value of a home warranty plan?

If you already have a home warranty and you’re up for renewal or you’re looking at home warranties to purchase, you may be asking, “Is there any value to this protection plan?” If you’re asking that question, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at Landmark’s video What is the Value of a Home Warranty? where we go through the savings your home warranty plan brings you on different types of repairs!

A Home Warranty Saves Homeowners Money

In the summer (and winter) the things most homeowners care about breaking down are the heating and cooling systems. If those go out, it can by a chilly winter’s night or a hot summer’s day! That’s why Landmark protects those home systems with all of our home warranty plans, including the most basic coverage!

The average savings on each of the home's systems and appliances with a home warranty plan.

All of our new plans include coverage on the mechanical parts of the heating and cooling systems in your home. Download a brochure for your state here to know exactly what parts are covered in the HVAC system.

According to Home Advisor’s True Cost Guide, when repairing an AC, homeowners spent between $164- $506. To replace the entire system, it cost $3707-$7130! When we looked at the average of how much a homeowner paid for a repair or replacement with a home warranty (including the service call fee and yearly premium) most homeowners paid $582! Imagine, paying only $600 to replace your HVAC unit!

What are the average savings with a home warranty plan?

And homeowners can save more money on the additional parts of their home’s systems and appliances. According to Landmark’s data (available in our is a Home Warranty Worth It? piece), a home warranty saves a homeowner big. A homeowner will save on average $248 per each electric repair, $96 dollars per each appliance repair, and $225 on each plumbing repair.

A Home Warranty Provides Value in Maintenance

A home warranty provides value through maintenance on HVAC systems.

A home warranty does more than just saving you money on repairs and replacements. It can help with your bi-annual maintenance, too.

Landmark provides an air conditioner tune-up every year for just the cost of a service call fee. This tune-up includes replacing filters, cleaning electrical connections and condenser coils, checking refrigerant level, performing amp draws, checking condensation lines, and calibrating your thermostat. Usually, this costs around $150, but you can get all of this completed for the cost of a service call fee. Learn more about this service with our article on Why you should get an air conditioner tune-up. Not only does this save on your preventative maintenance costs, but preventative maintenance means finding small problems before they become big ones … saving you even more money in the long run.

A Home Warranty Saves Time

A home warranty plan saves homeowners time

Having a home warranty on your home is convenient. No longer do you have to waste time on finding a contractor that has the next available time slot in your neighborhood or who has expertise on the certain repair you need to be completed. A home warranty does that for you! All you have to do is call Landmark, explain the failure you’re experiencing, and if it is covered by your home warranty contract, we will find you the best contractor available!

A home warranty provides value to a homeowner in many different ways, including saving them money, time, and providing maintenance. Get a https://www.landmarkhw.com/#quote or download a brochure and see what you could be getting coverage on today!

Home Warranty Education

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