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What is a Plumbing Emergency? And How can Having a Home Warranty and Home Insurance Help?

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Plumbing issues are more prevalent in the fall and winter seasons because the cold affects the pipes in a house. Most plumbing issues can be de-escalated before they turn into plumbing emergencies if the homeowner knows what to do.

Some of the most common plumbing problems a homeowner may face are::

  • Water leak: This needs to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent flood damage in the home.
  • Frozen water pipes: This can damage to the pipes, causing them to burst.
  • Broken/clogged pipes
  • Failed water heater

When faced with a plumbing issue, it is important to understand what Landmark deems to be a plumbing emergency. When a homeowner opens a service request, Landmark assigns them a contractor who will contact them within 3-5 business hours to schedule a time for an appointment to diagnose the problem. However, if the plumbing issue is an emergency, Landmark will make its best efforts to have a contractor out to their home within 24 hours.

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What Does Landmark Home Warranty’s Contract State is a Plumbing Emergency?

Landmark Home Warranty’s contract defines plumbing emergencies as:

  • Plumbing failure that causes interior flooding.
  • System or appliance failure causing ongoing secondary damage to the home.
  • A condition that immediately endangers health or safety.
  • No water or toilet facilities to the entire home.

An example of a plumbing emergency would be if a homeowner has a water leak in their basement because of a broken pipe that won't stop until the water is shut off to the whole house.

In this instance, Landmark ususally cover the labor and parts for the broken pipe, but Landmark will not cover the flooding damage. Homeowner’s insurance should cover all secondary damage of a broken pipe. As you can see, in this situation and in most, home warranties and home insurance work in tandem to repair and clean up after plumbing emergencies.

Home insurance is necessary to have when you own a home, and would cover the flooding of a burst or frozen pipe. However, home insurance does not cover the appliance or system that has caused the damage. That is where having a home warranty comes in. A home warranty covers the broken appliance or system that caused the damage.

What does Landmark Home Warranty’s Contract State is Not a Plumbing Emergency?

Landmark’s contract states that any other plumbing issue that does not fall within the definition above, is not considered an emergency situation. Landmark also takes into account where the broken pipe or pipe leak is located within the plumbing system. For example if the water can be shut off only to the broken pipe without affecting the rest of plumbing in the home, it is not considered an emergency.

How to Avoid a Plumbing Emergency:

The number one reason that plumbing issues turn into emergencies is due to lack of maintenance.There are many ways to detect and avoid plumbing emergencies in the home. It is important to keep an eye on a home’s plumbing system, the closer the system is monitored the more likely it is that small issues will be caught and fixed before they become plumbing emergencies.

Homeowners can fix smaller problems themselves to save money, or, if they have a contract with Landmark Home Warranty and the issue is covered under their contract, they can open a service request. Learn how to fix a clogged sink easily, or a leaky toilet with this DIY video.

With a larger scale issue like a leaky pipe, turn off the water. This will help get the situation under control until a service professional can come out and assess the damage and provide a solution.

click to download button for the what is a plumbing emergency infographic

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