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What is a Home Warranty Service Call Fee?

What is a service call fee for a home warranty company?

Is this the first time you are requesting service from your home warranty company? Are you confused about what a service call fee is, or why you have to pay for it up front? Look no further, because here are the answers to all your questions!

What is a service call fee?

A service call fee is an important part of the home warranty process! You have to pay it in order to receive a diagnosis of your failed system or appliance.

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A home warranty service call fee is an affordable flat rate that covers the labor cost for the home warranty contractor. This fee covers the labor cost for the contractor to come out and run a diagnostic test to determine the issue that caused the failure. As long as the problem is something covered in the home warranty contract, this is usually the only payment you have to pay! That is a pretty good deal when the average repair call for a water heater is over $500 and all you have to pay is your service fee!

This service call fee is paid upfront when you open up a claim with Landmark Home Warranty. Service fee calls range between $60-100.

Why do I have to pay the home warranty service call fee?

Our contractors are independent of Landmark and therefore you are paying for their parts and labor to perform a diagnostic test on your failed system of appliances. As you can see in your brochure, every service call requires a service call fee to cover the diagnostic test. The service call fee is usually the only payment you have to make if the repair is covered under your warranty.

If you are not sure if the repair would be covered under your warranty, the best place to find that answer is in your home warranty contract!

Why does the contractor sometimes leave a home before making a repair?

Because the contractor has to go through a whole diagnostic process, having the contractor leave before making a repair actually saves you money! We partner with vendors to get the highest quality parts and appliances for a lower price, which means it can take longer for Landmark to get the parts. This also is a way for Landmark to ensure that you only have to pay the service call fee!

​​​​​​​Learn why you pay a service call fee with this article.

Once Landmark gives approval for contractor to make the repair, they will schedule another appointment to come back if they don’t have the parts on hand. These contractors can have busy schedules. Because they are contracted through Landmark they have to serve all of the claims in their area, as well as all of their normal clients. This means that they are booked extremely far in advance especially in the summer and winter months. They will come back at the next available time once they have the parts to do a thorough job.

There is a chance that the contractor may have the time and the parts to do the job while they are there at your home. However, the contractor does have to get the approval before repairing your failed system of appliance from Landmark Home Warranty. That can be as simple as contacting Landmark! Although we can’t guarantee that the contractor can complete the repair or replacement,while they are there, it never hurts to encourage the contractor to contact Landmark to see if it is a possibility.

Click to download the infographic abut the service call fee process

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