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The New Homeowner Practical Holiday Gift Guide

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Do you have a new homeowner on your gift list this year? They're bound to get a dozen or so housewarming gifts like bottles of wine, muffin mixes or a new welcome mat. This year, get them something they're going to actually use and need with Landmark Home Warranty's New Homeowner Holiday Gift Guide! We've included gifts for any budget, so no matter if it's your long lost cousin or your daughter and son-in-law, you can find the perfect gift.

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Yard-Care Kit

When you're renting an apartment or house, the yard work is either non-existent or taken care of by the property managers. Most new homeowners have limited tools to take care of the outside of their homes because before this move, they didn't need them. Giving gardening and yard supplies is a great way to help the new homeowners out with something they'll eventually have to purchase. Add all or just some of these tools to a Yard-Care Kit for a practical but much-needed gift.

Yard Supply Gift Ideas



It might not be the most glamorous of gifts, but a tarp is something many homeowners need for their yard and the inside of their homes. They can throw it over plants to stop them from freezing or use it to protect the carpet when painting. It's a versatile tool that new homeowners definitely need.



This is one of those gifts that the new homeowners probably won't realize they need until the spring "“ but they'll be grateful you purchased it for them this winter, because it saves them a trip to the home improvement store.



Do the new homeowners have a lot of trees in their yard? A rake will be a helpful tool come fall. This is the perfect gift to help them tidy up their yard.



The shovel - another gardening tool most new homeowners don't have lying around in their apartments. A shovel can be used for many yard improvement projects, as well as planting new trees and bushes! Speaking of which ...

Snow shovel


Some gift givers like to buy things that the receiver can use right away. What better gift than a snow shovel to new homeowners who may live in a colder climate? If they live in states like Utah, Oregon or Idaho, you can bet their front stoop will be full of snow this winter. Luckily, with your gift, they can make sure their sidewalks are snow-free.



If you're looking for something a little more expensive for a son, daughter or parent, think about getting a ladder. Many new homeowners find themselves completing a number of home improvement projects and having a ladder can help them paint, re-caulk or hang things in hard to reach places. You can choose different types of ladders depending on the new homeowners needs. Some fold up while others are simple step ladders.



What's one thing that most new homeowners A) don't have from their renting days and B) don't have the money to purchase after buying a home? If you answered with a lawnmower, then you're 100% correct! Mowers can get upwards of $500 depending on the quality and type, and most homeowners don't have enough money to purchase a $500 mower. It's the perfect gift, and the best way to make sure the new homeowners don't have to cut their lawn using shears.

Picture Hanging Kit

Every homeowner knows that it isn't until the art is hung up on the wall that a place finally feels settled and like home. Many new homeowners will want to hang art on their walls and may have never been able to with their leases. When they own the home, they can put as many holes in the walls as they want. Give your new homeowners a picture hanging kit with these items:

Picture Hanging Kit

Screws and Nails

Help the new homeowners hang anything they want on their walls with one of these handy kits full of different sizes of screws and nails.



The new homeowners will want to make sure what they're hanging is straight.

Stud finder


A stud finder will help them find where to hang the heavier frames.

Home Repair Kit

Every homeowner would love to buy a home and never have anything break down, wear out or get old. As it is, everything in a home wears out eventually, and will fail. Unlike renting, where the property manager is responsible for maintenance, repairs and replacements of the systems and appliances in a home, with owning, these all become the sole responsibility of the homeowners. That's why buying them a few tools is such a practical and much-needed gift. Here are some of the things to buy a new homeowner for Christmas that they'll actually use:

Home Repair Gift Guide

Tool kit

Let's start with the all-in-one tool kit. Naturally, this gift's price ranges from $30 to upwards of $500 depending on the amount of tools included as well as the quality. If you're the type of gift giver who enjoys giving an all-in-one option, this is the gift for you "“ you can find one that suits your budget, and your homeowners. As they begin to fix leaky faucets and tighten nuts and bolts around their home, this gift will come in handy.

Socket Wrench


A socket wrench may seem like a waste to give someone who lives in an apartment or is renting a house, but a homeowner ends up doing a lot of projects that involve tightening nuts and bolts. You can purchase one with a number of different sizes so the new homeowners can loosen or tighten literally any nut that comes their way.

Caulking Gun


Most renters wouldn't know what to do with a caulk gun, but homeowners suddenly realize what an amazing tool it is once they've bought a house. When you give your new homeowners a caulk gun you give them the gift of energy efficient windows and doors, and sealing their tubs and sinks.

Fire extinguisher


A home is such a huge investment, it's immensely important to protect it – and what better way to do that than by buying your homeowners a fire extinguisher? You can even include some advice with the gift, like tips on making sure things in the oven don't catch on fire, or cleaning out your dryer vents to reduce fire hazards.

Paint brushes and paint trays


Once the new homeowners have settled in, they'll want to leave their own personal mark on their new abode. Let them pick out their own paint, but help them out with the rollers, paint trays and brushes.

Home Warranty

Starting at $39/month

As we said before, everything in a home has an expiration date, so to speak. According to the NAHB, new homeowners spend $4,965 a year on average repairing or replacing systems and appliances within their home. Homeowners who have lived in their homes for two or more years spend an average of $4,225 a year ... not much of a difference! This is because with use, appliances and HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems get worn out, and end up failing. You can save your new homeowners money by buying them a home warranty plan for their new home. With a home warranty, they can pay a small service call fee between $60-$100 for repairs and replacements, rather than hundreds to thousands of dollars. For more information go to www.landmarkhw.com.



This is another gift that can range in price depending on the quality and what accessories you purchase for the new homeowners. However, many of them will find this a helpful tool as they leap into home ownership.

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