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The Home Warranty: Based On A True Story [A Movie Poster]

The Home Warranty: Based on a True Story

She thought she didn't need a home warranty. She was wrong.

This movie is coming soon to a theater near you! The next best thriller action movie to hit the big screen, The Home Warranty is sure to please. I mean, the tagline itself shows you how moving and dramatic this movie will be "“ not getting a home warranty literally changes the main character's life! Amazing. The storyline is based on a true story, and features the best home warranty company, Landmark Home Warranty.

The storyline revolves around a mother and a daughter who are about to embark on an adventure the likes of which have never been seen before. The Home Warranty opens on a daughter beginning a job at Landmark Home Warranty. 

The movie goes through three main acts, the first of which is ...


Many people ask what the daughter, Eve, does, and if getting a home warranty is worth it. One of these is her mother, Marie. So, Eve decides to really get to know her job, and make sure that home warranties are worth it, before she starts recommending Landmark Home Warranty to her friends and family. She begins researching, and reading through home warranty reviews. She finds out that Landmark Home Warranty is amazing! They have comprehensive plans that cover home systems and appliances that fail from normal wear and tear. 

Through these home warranty reviews, Eve learns that Landmark Home Warranty has been rated Best Regional Home Warranty from Home Warranty Reviews, and has great service. She also discovers that Landmark has trusted and bonded contractors who are sent out to fix or replace these failing home systems and appliances for $60-$100 depending on her plan. She tells everyone she meets how great Landmark Home Warranty is, and how it provides great service, saves them money and is imperative to have just in case appliances and home systems break down from normal wear and tear.

"Hello random person in the grocery store line. I know we've never met but, you NEED a home warranty!" 

Most importantly, Eve learns that the best homes to have a home warranty are those that are older with older appliances. She calls her mother, and tells her that she should get a home warranty. Marie is very money-conscious, and tells her daughter that she knows how to take care of her home systems and appliances. This is true, as we see her cleaning the bottom of her fridge while they're talking on the phone. Marie tells Eve that she would rather keep her appliances maintained than get a home warranty.

Eve tells Marie that even with maintenance her appliances will go out. Eve tells her that getting a home warranty will save her money because she'll only have to pay a small service call fee to get them repaired or replaced, versus the thousands of dollars she'd have to pay normally. Marie, as the money conscious mother, tells her daughter she would rather save up money, and the two begin talking about other things. During this phone call, it is revealed to the audience that the mother lives in an older home. Now, we all know what that means "“ this old house is about to cause trouble. But not because of ghosts ... because of failing appliances.


The movie then jumps forward 3 months. The film has started to take a darker turn, and focuses on Marie. Despite her best efforts to maintain her fridge, it has started some strange behavior. It makes strange noises, stops cooling, and has started leaking all over her home.  The main scene where Marie finds out her fridge is failing, is at night, when she wakes up to a warm fridge, and all of the family's ice cream is melted. This is, of course, one of the most dramatic scenes leading up to the climax of the movie. 

The next day, Marie calls a contractor to come and fix the fridge. Little does she know, but the contractor is actually running a fridge- fixing business as a front to steal money from unsuspecting homeowners who don't have home warranties. The contractor looks at the fridge, and tells Marie that she'll have to purchase a new one. He tells her he has a deal where his company will take the old fridge, and bring back and install the new fridge a few hours later. The only catch is Marie has to pay for the fridge right then. Marie agrees, picks out a fridge and pays him $2,000. She unloads her fridge and packs it into the contractor's car, and walks back up to her front door. Suddenly, her phone vibrates, and as the contractor and his men are driving away, she gets a text from her bank that says her account has been wiped. Of course, she quickly jumps in the car, and begins a high-speed car chase.

"Okay, kids. Keep those ice packs on the frozen chicken and broccoli. Mommy will be back in a second, she just has to chase these bad guys."

The high intensity car chase, where Marie and the contractor exchange gun-fire, do some serious jumps over busy freeways and Marie's car blows up into flames, ends with Marie finding the contractor's lair and tackling him to the ground. The contractor tells her that he targets homeowners who haven't bought a home warranty, because he knows that homeowners who have a home warranty only expect to pay trusted contractors a small service call fee for home repairs and replacements, so he can't steal from them. Shortly after Marie tackles him, the police arrive, and arrest the contractor and his men. They put the money back into Marie's account, and they thank her profusely for catching Fridge-Fiend Freddy, a villain who has been at large for the past 6 years. Marie tells them politely that she's not sure why it was so hard to find him, but wishes that she had gotten a home warranty that Eve had suggested. 


 At the end of the movie, Marie and Eve and the rest of the family are shown around the dining room table. Marie has become a celebrity for catching one of the worst criminals that the city had seen. The dishwasher begins making strange noises and leaking. Eve and Marie look at each other, and Marie laughs and picks up the phone. Her end line is:

"This time, I know who I should call. Hello, Landmark Home Warranty?"


But wouldn't it be so great if it were? There's no The Home Warranty movie, and it's definitely not going to be pitched to any major motion picture studios anytime soon, but it is (very, very, very) loosely based on a true story. That story is this conversation between the author of this article and her mom:

Very, very loosely.

So while you pine over the loss of the movie The Home Warranty, you can go to Landmark Home Warranty's website www.landmarkhw.com and learn more about how home warranties can save you money, read home warranty reviews, and learn why Landmark is the best home warranty company

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