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Special Christmas Additions to your Home Warranty Contract

'Tis the season... for tinsel, mistletoe, Santa Claus, and Christmas! This week is Christmas, and so, for a limited time, Landmark Home Warranty would like to offer these special additions to your home warranty contract for no charge.* (OK, not REALLY ... but enjoy this funny post and have a Merry Christmas!)

Santa Removal From Chimney

Santa Removal for home warranty update


  COVERED: Ho, ho, ho, oh no! Sometimes the big guy has had too many cookies at his last few stops and can't get down the chimney to deliver the gifts! Not to worry — with Landmark's Santa Loose contractors, we're able to safely and securely remove Santa from your chimney with no damage. We can't tell you our patented secret, but it may have to do with pixie dust and shrinking powder we borrowed from some elves we met up northwards. Believe us, they've had the technology around for a long time. You'd be surprised how often Santa gets stuck in a tight spot!

We're offering this service for free, and it comes with a No Peeking guarantee — if Santa gets stuck, you will be able to mystically fall off to dreamland while he delivers the presents.

EXCLUSIONS: Only for good girls and boys. If Santa becomes stuck in the chimney at a naughty child's house, we will help get him out, but this does not include present delivery. Santa Removal only good for homes with chimneys. Santa isn't apt to get stuck in doorways.

(Although we don't offer coverage on chimneys... or Santa Claus removal, we do offer coverage on unlimited heating units in your home, with no limits on a gas furnace.)

Reindeer Hoof Damage

home warranty update reindeer hoof roof damage

COVERED: Donner, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen do their best, but landing a giant sled containing presents for children all over the world on your roof can be really difficult. If you find that you have 32 little hoof marks (or 36 if Rudolph comes along) on your roof at the end of Christmas Eve night, give us a call. With our Reindeer Roof Repair incantation, we can easily fix and repair any scuffs, dents, or holes caused by Santa landing on your rooftop. So don't tear open the shutters and throw up the sash when you hear the team arriving — your roof will be protected no matter what!

EXCLUSIONS: Only good for rooftop damages. Landmark will not cover for deck, siding, grass, or pool damage caused by reindeer landings.

(We may not cover for reindeer hoof damage, but limited roof leak repair is something that you can purchase for your home's protection. Landmark will repair leaks that occur on the roof over the living area in your home from normal wear and tear.)

Gift Wrap Services

gift wrapping services from a home warranty

COVERED: You've bought all the presents, and it's time to get them under the tree... but do you really want to wrap them? Of course not! Not to worry — with some of our best contractors out there, you too can have your presents wrapped picture perfect. We've asked the best wrappers in the northern hemisphere for their help this year... that's right! Elves! And with their help, your presents will be wrapped and under the tree before you know it.

This service includes gift-wrap pick up and removal. After you've torn open the presents and begun to play with your toys, the gift wrap will fade away. It's returning back to the North Pole to be used over and over again. (The elves are very into recycling and being green.)

EXCLUSIONS: Only for presents that are good enough to wrap. If you've purchased something that may be inappropriate, the elves will leave the item unwrapped. So if you buy your wife a vacuum cleaner instead of the concert tickets she wants, you're probably going to end up with an unwrapped vacuum.

(Although we don't actually offer gift-wrapping services or the ability to detect if your spouse will hate their gift, we do offer pre-season tune-ups for your air conditioner and furnace. That way, you won't have any nasty surprises when the weather starts changing.)

Perfect Cookie Temperature Service for Oven

home warrant contract perfect cookie temperature


COVERED: Holiday cookies are the reason that our pants start fitting slightly tighter during this time of year. For a limited time, your home warranty contract covers the Perfect Cookie Temperature servicing to make sure your cookies come out just the way you like them. All you have to do is let us know what kind of cookie you like most — soft and chewy? Crisp and crumbly? Either way, we will have one of our special elf bakers (the ones who make all of Santa's special treats on the other 364 days of the year) to come out and set your oven to the perfect temperature using their magic abilities.

EXCLUSIONS: Only for ovens that can be serviced using elven magic. Some ovens don't respond well to the elves' magic abilities and end up changing the cookies into healthy treats like baked vegetables and tofu. Your elven contractor will be able to tell you if your oven will respond well to the Perfect Cookie Temperature Service.

(We may not actually have elfish bakers that make sure your oven produces perfect cookies — or vegetables and tofu — but we do cover for ovens in our home warranty contract. If your oven fails from normal wear and tear, and the part is covered under the contract, you can have it repaired or replaced for a service call fee.)

*Okay, no, these aren't actually something we're offering. However, we are always offering hundreds of dollars on savings for repairs and replacements of your failed systems and appliances in your home. If your furnace, oven, plumbing, or electrical system goes out from normal wear and tear, remember that you can have it repaired or replaced for a $60 - $100 service call fee, depending on where you live! A home warranty covers things from your HVAC system to your dishwasher and everything in between. Take a look at everything a home warranty contract covers here. After, you can decide what level of coverage you want and how much you want to pay on our compare home warranty plans and pricing tool.

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