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Sleep Better At Night With A Home Warranty

Everyone knows there is a sleep epidemic in America. In 2013, Gallup found that 40% of adults got less than the recommended amount of sleep. Just yesterday, CNN Health published that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention named insufficient sleep a public health epidemicSo why aren't we sleeping? One of the reasons noted by the Sleep Health Foundation is that people are perpetually worried and stressed. Stress causes your brain to release chemicals that prevent you from sleeping and make you more alert. One of the Sleep Health Foundation's tips on falling asleep faster is to make your life less stressful. 

 Luckily, Landmark Home Warranty has the perfect solution to help you sleep better at night. We would like to prescribe you ... a home warranty!


For best results, take 1 pill whenever a home system or appliance has failed.

Then, call the best home warranty company (Landmark Home Warranty) to fix it for a small service call fee.

Refill each year.

SIDE EFFECTS: Will cause peace of mind, financial security and satisfaction. Perfect! I can see the commercial now: Announcer: Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you lie awake for hours worrying about the possible things in your home that could break, and wondering how you could ever pay to have them fixed? Now, there's a home warranty! Guaranteed to keep you sleep at night for an entire year, with only 12 easy payments of $38! Call now! Operators are standing by.

In all seriousness, obviously a home warranty isn't just a pill you can take to ease stress. So how can a home warranty help a homeowner stop worrying and feel better about his or her home? There are two main concerns that homeowners have once they have purchased a house. One of them is money. The other one is home repairs.


Unless you have billions stashed away under your mattress, it's hard not to be stressed about possible costs that pop up when you own a home.

Landmark! Stop giving away all my money-saving secrets!

Reoccurring bills like home insurance, mortgage payments, and utilities leave most homeowners feeling like one unexpected charge could break the bank.  Knowing that homes come with systems and appliances that can break down frequently may add a lot of stress into a homeowner's life, especially since most of those systems and appliances are absolutely essential for comfortable living and not something that can be left broken until money is found to fix them. We understand how money woes can keep homeowners up at night.

However, with a home warranty, homeowners can sleep soundly! Instead of stressing about the thousands of dollars they could spend on repairing or replacing their dishwasher, oven, electrical or plumbing systems, they can be dreaming sweet dreams about home warranties. No more nightmares about spending thousands of dollars on a new air conditioner or furnace. No more sleepless nights wondering if tomorrow is the day they'll have to pay for a new oven or a new toilet. With a home warranty, homeowners sleep soundly, knowing that if their home systems and appliances fail, they will be repaired or replaced for a small service call fee.


The other thing that homeowners might be losing sleep over is the stress of having to find the right repair professionals to fix the home systems or appliances that failed. Who should they trust? How do they know if they're being taken advantage of on price? How do they know if a contractor is licensed, bonded and insured, or if they're just saying they are?  

 "Should we just never get anything fixed for the rest of our lives?

No more fear, homeowners dear! With a home warranty, you know that you have the best, most trusted contractors on the job who are ready to fix your home systems and appliances for a small service call fee. When you call Landmark Home Warranty, we make sure our trusted network of qualified contractors schedule an appointment with you within four business hours. If we can't do that, we may authorize you to find your own contractor! It's a win-win situation.

With a home warranty, you can save money and feel secure in your home, knowing that if there are any home repairs or replacements that need to be made, Landmark Home Warranty has got your back. So, with our prescription of a home warranty, homeowners can feel safe, financially secure, and sleep easy at night.

To learn more about Landmark Home Warranty and how you too can sleep easy at night, go to www.landmarkhw.com. There, you can learn about Landmark's home warranty plans, read home warranty reviews written by real Landmark customers, and see why Landmark really is the best home warranty company.

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