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How to Use Your Landmark Home Warranty Homeowner Account

Learn how to use your Landmark Home Warranty account to open service requests and update payments.

If you’re reading this article you most likely have a home warranty plan with Landmark Home Warranty. Welcome! This article will go through everything you can do with your Landmark Home Warranty online account. We hope this will be a helpful guide so you can utilize more of your home warranty plan and schedule service efficiently. You can also watch this video tutorial for more guidance on how to use your online account:

How to Log in to Your Account for the First Time

If you’ve never logged into your home warranty account on Landmark’s website, it’s easy to get set up.

  1. Click the Login Button

Click the orange login button at the top right-hand of the Landmark Home Warranty website. Then, click the sentence that says “Don’t have a password? Click here.”

  1. Input Your Email

Make sure you put the same email address you (or your real estate agent) used when ordering the home warranty plan. 

  1. Set Up Your Password

Once you get the email asking you to set up your password, add a password to your account. Then you will be able to log into your account!

Use your Landmark Home Warranty online account to renew, upgrade your coverage, and request service.

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The Notices Tab on Your Home Warranty Account

The first tab that will show up on your account is your notices tab. This is where you will get notifications telling you when you need to update payment, renew your warranty, and more! This is where you will get notifications telling you when you need to update payment, renew your warranty, and more! What you see on this tab depends on how long you've had your home warranty plan. If you've recently purchased a Landmark Home Warranty, you may be in the time period where you can upgrade and customize your coverage. If you've had the home warranty for longer, you may get a notification on this tab to renew your coverage. Learn how to renew here

The notifications tab on your Landmark Home Warranty account can provide you with reminders of when to renew, upgrade, or update your payment.

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Submit Service Request

You can submit a service request online once you’ve logged into your account. All you have to do is click the green “Submit Service Request” button in the top right-hand part of the screen. To walk through the entire service request submission process, you can read our how-to guide here.

The Warranty Tab on Your Home Warranty Account

Your warranty tab on your Landmark Home Warranty account helps you to view your plan information and know when to renew.

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The warranty tab shows you the home warranty plans you have and for which property addresses. If you have multiple plans with Landmark Home Warranty on multiple properties, they will all show here (as long as they are all under the same email address.) You will also be able to download your contract and see what is and is not covered under your home warranty contract on this page.

You can also renew your home warranty when it is up for renewal, or switch to continuous coverage on this tab if you are not already on a continuous coverage plan.

Finally, you can update your payment method on this tab.

How to Update Your Default Payment Method

  1. Click the Set Default Payment Button

Step one of updating your payment method on your Landmark Home Warranty account.

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Click the orange Set Default Payment button next to your home warranty contract.

  1. Add a Payment Method

Update your payment by adding your card to the default payment method section in your home warranty account.

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Add a new payment method. If you are updating your payment information because you’ve received emails about a problem with the card already on your account, you can re-add that card to your account here.

  1. Select “Set as Default” by Your Payment Method

Select your newly added card as the default payment for your home warranty.

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Set the payment method as a default by clicking the blue “Set Default” button. Now your payment method is up to date!

The Service Request History Tab on Your Home Warranty Account

Your service request tab on your account shows you your service history and helps you keep track of what is happening on each request.

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This is where you can see all the past service requests on your account, including the details, notes, and status of the service request. Keep tabs on what is happening with your request on this tab of your account.

The Profile Tab on Your Home Warranty Account

How to edit your personal information or payment information in your Landmark Home Warranty account.

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On this tab, you can update your personal information, like your phone number email address, or password, and update your payment methods.

How to use a Landmark Home Warranty account online full infographic.

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