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How to Order a Real Estate Home Warranty Plan

Learn how to order a real estate home warranty plan for your clients.

Ordering a home warranty plan for your clients on Landmark Home Warranty’s website is quick and easy, no matter if it is your first time ordering with us or if you’re a seasoned pro. We created this comprehensive how-to guide to walk you through the process step-by-step, just in case you get stuck along the way.

If you are ordering a home warranty for a home you own and have owned longer than 30 days, click here.

How to Order a Home Warranty Plan for a Real Estate Transaction on Landmark Home Warranty’s Website


To order a home warranty plan for a home in a real estate transaction, go here: www.landmarkhw.com/order/realEstate

You can also log into your Landmark Home Warranty account and place a new order through your portal. Logging into Landmark’s website is an easy way to keep track of all of the orders you’ve placed! If you've never ordered with Landmark before and want an account, continue reading to learn how to get one.

Step 1: Who is Responsible for Payment?

Add your details into the home warranty order.

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The first screen you will see is a question asking who you are and what your role is in this purchase.

  • If you are purchasing the home, or you have purchased the home in the last 30 days, click “Home Buyer.”
  • If you are the buyer’s agent, purchasing a home warranty for a home that is currently under contract, but the sale has not gone through yet, click “Buyer’s Agent” – you will need to provide the escrow officer information. (You can also include the listing agent information and assistant information if you want to provide more information for the purchase.)
  • If you are the listing agent, click “Listing Agent.” You will be asked if you are ordering listing coverage (a home warranty plan for homes that are on the market; click here for more information) or buyer’s coverage (a full year-long paid plan for a buyer as a part of the home’s sale).
  • If you are the Escrow Agent and from the title company, purchasing a home warranty plan detailed in a home’s contract of sale, select “Escrow Officer.”
  • If you are an assistant, you will need to also include your agent’s information on this step.

Once you have selected what your role is in the purchase, search Landmark’s database for your information and for the other parties’ information in the purchase.

If you have ordered with us before, have an account, and are logged in, whatever option you select on the “What is your role in this purchase?” option will automatically have your information included! You do not need to search.

How to Add a New Agent and Get an Account with Landmark Home Warranty

Add a new agent to the Landmark Home Warranty website.

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If you have never ordered with us before, adding your information to Landmark’s database is easy! Just click the “Add New Agent” button. Fill out your information as well as the information for your agency. Click save and your information will be included on the purchase! In the future, you will easily be able to find yourself just by searching! You can create an account by going to the www.landmarkhw.com/login page and clicking the “Don’t have a password? Click here! link. Input the email you added in the personal information section when adding yourself to Landmark’s database. You’ll get an email asking to reset your password. Use the link in the email to set up a password, and you’ll be logged in to your new account.

Once you have given us all the required information for the parties involved in the order, click the “Packages” tab or click the “Next Step” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Selecting a Package and Including Add-Ons

Select the right home warranty coverage for your clients.

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Now, you are ready to select the home warranty package you want to purchase. Select the property’s state, if it isn’t already selected, and select what kind of property the coverage is for. Then, select the best coverage for the home. You can look at the details of what is covered, excluded, and any limits a system or appliance may have just by clicking. Remember, some systems and appliances get upgraded coverage, so make sure to compare the plans thoroughly.

Now, you are ready to select the home warranty package you want to purchase! Select the property’s state, and select the property type. Then, select the best coverage for the home. You can look at the details of what is covered, excluded, and any limits a system or appliance may have just by clicking on them. Remember, some systems and appliances get upgraded coverage in different packages, so make sure to compare the plans thoroughly. You can learn more about how to compare Landmark’s plans by reading our blog How to Compare Landmark’s Plans and Pricing here.

Once you have picked the plan that is right for your client, select any add-ons for the home. This is a way to customize coverage for the property. There are two types of add-ons that Landmark offers:

  1. Add-ons that are already included in the plan but in case a home has multiple units that need to be covered.
  2. Add-ons for items that not every home has, like pools or guest homes.

For add-ons for multiple units, a good example would be a garage door opener. If the property has two garage doors and two garage door openers, only one is covered under the main home warranty plan. To ensure that both garage door openers are covered, add an additional garage door opener on to the home warranty plan.

As with the systems and appliances that are covered under the plans, you can click each item to see the details of their coverage, exclusions, and limits.

Step 3: Property Information

Input the property information for the home that will be covered by the home warranty plan you are ordering.

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After you’ve picked the plan that best fits the property’s needs, fill out the home buyer’s information. Make sure to include their phone and email so that they can receive their home warranty contract, request service for their home, and stay up to date on open service requests on their home. (Without this information, it will be hard for buyers to open claims and log in to their account.)

Then, give us all the property details for the home that will be covered under a Landmark home warranty.

Step 4: Payment Information

Input the payment information for the home warranty plan.

The first item you will see on this page is a “Buyer’s Credit” section. This is not for how much money is stipulated in the contract of sale of a home. Instead, this is where you can put a credit on the buyer’s account for future service or upgrades. If you have a specific amount of money stipulated in the contract of sale for the home, it is easy to use our quick order form! Click here to learn more about using the quick order form to order or watch this video:

If you haven’t used all of the specified money from the contract of sale on the home, put the remaining amount in this box to add it as credit on the buyer’s account.

Next, select who is responsible for paying for the home warranty. If you are responsible, you will be able to pay at this time. If you are not responsible for payment, you can deselect the “Pay now with a credit card” option.

Add the close date and any coupons you may have, and then click “next step” or go to the “confirm” tab at the top.

Step 5: Confirm Order and Submit

Confirm and submit order confirmation for your real estate home warranty plan.

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Make sure all of this information on this page is correct. You can also opt-in for a welcome call for the homeowner (Landmark Home Warranty calls to explain how to use the service and what is and is not covered) and to send recorded home warranty information to the homeowner. (If you are purchasing this as a closing gift, you may want to uncheck that box!) You can also help your client get exclusive deals for items like re-key and home security.

Once you have confirmed that all of this information is correct, you can submit the order. Congratulations! You have ordered a home warranty on Landmark’s website.

Full infographic on how to order a home warranty plan for real estate.

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