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How to Get The Most Out of a Home Warranty

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Part 1: Research Home Warranty companies and policies

Understanding what you want from a home warranty is the first step of your research. Ask yourself what systems or appliances you want to be covered by a home warranty. Do you want complete coverage on every system or appliance that you have or do you want the basic coverage with the ability to add your pool coverage? Landmark Home Warranty offers à la carte options to make your home warranty specific to what you need!

Once you know what you want covered by a home warranty, get the legal contracts that detail what the home warranty will and will not cover, from different home warranty companies. When you have the contracts, start to compare the coverage offered at each price point between companies. When looking at the contracts make sure you pay attention to the exclusions on what the home warranty will not cover and monetary limits for repairs or replacements.

It is important to know what is required of you as a homeowner when signing up for a home warranty. Most home warranty companies, like Landmark, require you to maintain your appliances and systems to ensure they are in good working order.

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Part 2: Comply with your home warranty policy’s basic requirements

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When you purchase a Landmark home warranty, the first, and most important, step is to read your contract. Your contract is a goldmine of information. It details coverage. When you file a claim the first thing the claims manager assigned to you will do is review your contract to determine if something is covered.

Landmark Home Warranty requires that routine maintenance is done on your appliances and systems. The reason Landmark requires this is to ensure that failure of the appliance or system is due to normal wear and tear. Some maintenance can be done by yourself.

Before purchasing a home warranty, repair any major issues on the appliances or systems in your home. Home warranties do not cover detectable pre-existing issues on appliances or systems, which means they will not repair or replace appliances or systems that are not in working order at the time of the purchase of the warranty.

Part 3:Filing a Claim through a Home Warranty

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When a system or appliance fails, follow this process.

Step 1: Go back to your contract!

  • Re-read your contract, it will answer most questions you have!
  • Make sure to read the limits and exclusions, so you know what to expect on what will or will not be covered.

Step 2: Contact Landmark First!

  • When a system or appliance has failed call Landmark or file a claim online! If you do not contact Landmark first to file a claim and get the work done yourself, our contract does not allow us to reimburse you.
  • You will pay the service fee, which covers the cost for the contractor to come out and diagnose the failed appliance or system.

Step 3: The Diagnosis Process

If your claim is denied you should continue working with the contractor because they may give you a discount. You can also look up DIY ways to repair the appliance yourself!

Home Warranty Education

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