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How A Home Warranty Works

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If you've just purchased a home warranty, you may wonder how a home warranty works. The process to open a service request and get your covered systems and appliances repaired or replaced is simple and easy and only takes a few steps!

  1. Read your home warranty contract

When you first receive your Landmark welcome booklet, read through it to ensure you know what's covered in your home warranty. (We provide a good overview at that link, but it's not your legal contract.) That way, you can increase your protection on items you may need covered and make sure you know what items you can open service requests on if they fail.

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  1. When a system or appliance fails, call Landmark first!

Don't call a contractor, make sure to call Landmark Home Warranty first. Your customer service representative will ask you questions about what part of your home has failed to see if the failure is covered under your home warranty contract. If the customer service representative determines that the failure may be covered under the warranty, we will assign you a trusted and bonded contractor. You and the contractor will schedule an appointment for the contractor to come and diagnose the problem with your failed system or appliance. 


  1. Contractor will diagnose the failure

When the contractor arrives for the appointment, if you didn't pay a service call fee when you opened the service request, you will pay them a service call fee. This fee is for the diagnosis of your failed system or appliance. The contractor will inspect the failed system or appliance and diagnose the problem. You can learn more about the diagnosis process with your home warranty plan here. They will contact Landmark Home Warranty with the diagnosis and Landmark will approve the repair or replacement if it is covered under your plan.

There may be times when only some of the repair or replacement is covered under your contract. If this is the case, you may have to pay some out of pocket expenses for parts and labor that are not covered under your contract. If failure is caused by something that isn't a part of your home warranty contract, you can still work with the contractor to fix the problem, but it will be your responsibility to pay for the repairs and replacement. 

4. Your system or appliance is repaired or replaced! 

If the system or appliance's failure is covered under your home warranty plan, then the repair or replacement will be completed, and you'll generally only have to pay the service call fee. The work is guaranteed for 30 days. Want more information on home warranties? Take a look at our home warranty education articles here.

Home Warranty Education

Everything you need to know about what a home warranty is, how it works and what it covers. Real estate professionals: use these articles to help your clients!

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