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How a Home Warranty can Save You from Holiday Horrors

Ah, tis the season! As we drink the last dregs of the year in, this is the time of year when many religious and non-religious people come together to celebrate with family and friends. Perhaps you celebrate the years end with New Years Eve party or an Omisoka celebration. If you celebrate Hanukkah, this year you've been celebrating since December 16, and if you celebrate Christmas, you're eagerly looking forward to December 25. Maybe you went all out on December 21 for winter solstice, or perhaps you're looking forward to December 26 for the beginning of Kwanzaa. Of course, you can always have the satirical celebration Festivus on the 23.  Regardless of what you believe and celebrate, this time of year is full of fun, family, friends and celebrations. And with all of that celebration, you undoubtedly have some holiday horrors that occur. For your entertainment (and, as always for your education!) Landmark Home Warranty has created a list of all of the holiday horrors you might experience this holiday, and how you can save yourself from them with a home warranty.


Before the holidays you want to make sure your clothes are clean (for the pictures!) the linens are pressed (all of those dinners, of course) and the bed sheets are fresh (for any guests who happen to be staying with you for the holidays). This, of course, requires a washer and a dryer.

Uh, that's way too technologically advanced for us here at the Petersons.

What happens if you're in the middle of a load of laundry and suddenly you see a puddle in your washing room floor? That puddle is just the beginning of a lengthy flood that has cascaded down into your basement, ruined the carpet, the couch and your drywall. Now you have thousands of dollars in repairs and no clean laundry. What will Uncle John say? The repairs will be covered with your home insurance, but how are you going to get the laundry done? Luckily, if you have a home warranty you can get your washer and dryer replaced for a low deductible. With the best home warranty, and the right home warranty plan, you can call your home warranty company and have them send a trusted and bonded contractor to your home. Then, the contractor will repair or replace your washer and dryer for a flat rate fee. Most washers and dryers are between $500 and $1,000, not including installation costs. That's a great deal!

If you want to make sure your washer and dryer are covered with a home warranty to save you from this possible holiday horror, you can look at Landmark Home Warranty's home warranty plans, and pick one that includes washer and dryer coverage.


In some states, such as Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and some parts of Arizona, you know this time of year is one where the air outside nips at your nose. Many times all you want is to do is curl up in your warm couch and sip hot chocolate with your nose in a book.  Going outside means having to freeze your toes, ears and/or cheeks, and it's much better to just stay inside where it's warm. Except what happens when the outside of your home, and the inside of your home are the same temperature?

"Should it be snowing in the kitchen?"

If you have friends and family over, having a broken furnace is one of the worst things that can happen. You want your home to be safe and comfortable, not attempting to give the Arctic a run for its money. If you have a home warranty, you can get your furnace repaired or replaced for a small service call fee, and before the weather turns cold, you can get a furnace inspection to make sure you won't be facing a freezing winter. If you have an Oregon home warranty, Idaho home warranty, Utah home warranty or Arizona home warranty you can benefit from this furnace tune-up, and save you from the cold nights this winter. If you're interested in maintaining your furnace, you can learn about that in our post here.


When you think about the holidays, you probably think about food. Thanksgiving begins this delicious time of year, where eating roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, cookies, bread, and pies is the norm. Then, as December begins, different cultures begin to snack on a variety of different foods. For Christmas people generally give gifts of Christmas cookies and other baked goods, and Christmas dinner is always something like roasted turkey or ham.  Hanukah brings latkes (potato pancakes) and challah (braided egg bread). But those cookies and bread won't be very good if your oven breaks.

Mom? Is there a reason that your holiday bread is still ... dough?

Luckily, if you have a home warranty, your oven will be covered as long as you have maintained it. If it fails from normal wear and tear, you can save thousands of dollars on a new oven, and save yourself from a huge headache for the holidays. Then, you can serve your holiday goodies, and make sure that all of your aunts and uncles don't make fun of your doughy food for the rest of the year. If you want to learn more about your oven and how it can be saved by a home warranty, you can read that post here.


With all of that good food being made, and an influx of people staying at your home and using the bathroom facilities, there is a greater chance of pipes backing up.  Landmark Home Warranty put a post together aboutwhat parts of your Thanksgiving Dinner can't go down the pipes, and while you are preparing the feasts for your family members and friends this year, you should take a look at it to make sure what you're putting down your drain isn't going to back them up.  Of course, sometimes a pipe backing up just happens, and when it does, you'll be happy that you have a home warranty. As long as the pipes have been properly maintained, and the back up is inside of the home, your home warranty plan should cover a quick fix of a drain line stoppage. If there are also leaks, a home warranty can cover that, too. That way, everyone in your home can rest easy knowing the extra cooking, cleaning, showering and flushing isn't going to ruin your holidays.

If you are interested in having your home covered and holidays saved by a home warranty, make sure to check out Landmark Home Warranty's website at www.landmarkhw.com. There you can read more about and compare our home warranty plans, figure out what is covered with a home warranty, and read what our customers have to say about our coverage with home warranty reviews.  After you have read more about a home warranty and how  home warranties can save you money and provide peace of mind, give us a call at 866.306.2999!

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