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Getting a Home Warranty is Better Than Shopping on Black Friday

Learn why Landmark Home Warranty is a better deal than most Black Friday deals.

Are you one of the 140 million people who are going to be shopping on Black Friday? Landmark Home Warranty is here to bring you some bad news: according to CNN Money, between online sales and repeat deals throughout the holiday shopping season, Black Friday deals aren't actually as lucrative as you may believe!

Getting a home warranty from Landmark may actually be a better deal than most of the sales on Black Friday. Let’s look a bit closer at the numbers:

Home Warranties Save You Year-Round

Average discounts on Black Friday.

According to the website Shop Advisor, the average discount on most Black Friday deals is less than 5%. It may be better to wait until December 18, when Shop Advisor says deals jump to an average of 17.5%. In 2014, 32% of men and 28% of women said they planned on spending between $250 to $500 on Black Friday. In 2013, the average amount each shopper spent on Black Friday was $407. Let’s take a look at the numbers and see how homeowners can spend around that same amount of money on a home warranty and get major home systems and appliances repaired and replaced for less.

​​​​​​​Black Friday statistics.

Taking a look at some of the sales for 2017 on BestBlackFriday.com, we can compare prices for what you’ll pay for brand new appliances on Black Friday:

Washer – the best deal on a clothes washer is $269.00 from Lowe’s.

Dryer – the best deal on a clothes dryer is $269.00 from Lowe’s.

Dishwasher – the best deal on a dishwasher is Sears for $199.99.

Fridge – the best deal on a refrigerator is Lowe’s for $399.00

Oven – the best deal for an oven is Sears at $389.99

If you bought all of these items, you’d spend at least $1,525.

Compare this to a home warranty plan at prices you get year-round, not just on one day! If your washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven all went out at the same time and all failed from normal wear and tear, you would most likely have to pay a service call fee to have a contractor diagnose each one. At Landmark Home Warranty, a service call fee ranges between $60-$100, depending on your plan. You would pay $300 at the least. Comparatively, you’re saving a lot more than 5% off!

Comparing Black Friday deals and the price of a home warranty plan.

Home Warranties Are Safer Than Shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday can be dangerous. It has resulted in 10 deaths and 105 serious injuries since 2010.

You can save more money and keep yourself safe by staying home and getting a home warranty. A home warranty protects your home’s systems and appliances all while saving you money. It saves you from having to endure a cold winter night without a furnace or a hot summer day without an air conditioner.

Shop For Or Renew Home Warranties Online!

Almost 27 percent of consumers said they would shop online for Black Friday deals. You can shop online too and get great deals on our home warranty plans.

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