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Valentine's Day is this Saturday, which means you're probably already being flooded with constant reminders of which flowers you need to pick, what reservation to get for dinner, and what you absolutely need to buy for your beau. That is unless you're single, in which case you're being flooded with constant reminders of how very, very single you are. Regardless of if you're married, dating, or engaged to the internet, it seems that everyone around this time of year is bursting with love advice. You can't go five seconds online without seeing an article asking  "Should You Really be His Valentine?" or the very real advice of the New York Times "How to Fall in Love with Anybody." 

Here at Landmark Home Warranty, we know it's important to find the person you love ... but we wondered: isn't it a little bit more important to find a home warranty company you love? Why aren't there any dating columns facing that predicament? We weren't sure, so we have come up with this handy guide to Falling in Love with the Best Home Warranty. Enjoy!


A home warranty's main job is to make sure you feel secure. Homeowners purchase home warranties so they know that if something in their home fails from normal wear and tear, they won't have to pay thousands of dollars to get it fixed. Most homeowners who don't feel peace of mind with their current home warranty company are worried about the current coverage that they have on their home. They might be worried that the home warranty contract has too many loopholes, or the home warranty company doesn't approve enough claims. If you don't feel secure with your current company, you might want to explore a new home warranty company that approves a higher percentage of claims. 

At Landmark Home Warranty, we approve 97% of our claims each year! Getting in touch with a home warranty company that makes you feel secure is always a great step in finding the best home warranty to fall in love with. 


 Home warranty companies are notorious for having customers purchase a home warranty, and then never calling them again. How often have you heard from your home warranty company? If you purchased a home warranty, and afterward you didn't hear anything from the company, that is probably a bad sign. You always want a home warranty company that will keep in touch with you! Of course, you don't want a home warranty company to be clingy and call you every minute of every day to check in, but touching base with you is important! If you haven't heard anything from your home warranty company since you signed on, it might be time to let them go and find a company that will keep in touch!

Landmark Home Warranty always provides a welcome call for our customers. We make sure we send them a packet of information containing their contract, and additional information they will need to get started. We also call homeowners two times at the end of their contract to see if they want to continue using Landmark Home Warranty. Switching to a home warranty company that makes sure you feel welcome is another great step in finding "the one" home warranty company for you.



 Your mom probably told you all of the time that listening is one of the most important parts of a relationship. A home warranty company shouldn't be exempt from that statement! If you are paying for home warranty service, they should listen to you and try to rectify any issues that may have come up. Want to know if your home warranty company is listening to you? Check out home warranty reviews. Look at the negative reviews and see if the home warranty company is responding and trying to make the situation right. If the company isn't responding on the home warranty reviews, there's no guarantee that they'll listen to you!

Switch to a home warranty company that will listen to you. Landmark Home Warranty prides itself on taking each online home warranty review and attempting to rectify the problem the customer is experiencing. If you want to see some of these reviews, you can go to www.landmarkhw.com/Home-warranty/Homeowner-Reviews !



 Really answer that question ... does it? A home warranty is designed to make sure your home systems and appliances are functional. If one breaks down from normal wear and tear and needs to be replaced or repaired, all you have to do with a home warranty is call the company, let them know what's going on, and they will send a professional contractor out to your home. Some home warranty companies even offer furnace and air conditioning checkups to make sure that everything is going well with your home systems, before they fail! If your home warranty doesn't keep you warm at night by repairing or replacing your appliances and home systems when they fail from normal wear and tear, it might be time to get a new home warranty company.

Landmark Home Warranty has comprehensive coverage plans and trusted and bonded contractors who will get your home systems and appliances working like new (or actually new!) in no time. 

If you answered yes to any of these questions...

Fall in Love ... Keep that Home Warranty!

If not, you should dump that home warranty company you have now, and get with the best home warranty company ... Landmark Home Warranty!

Landmark Home Warranty is based in Utah, but covers homes in Texas, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada. If you want more information on home warranties, how they can help you and what is covered in our plans, please visit www.landmarkhw.com.

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