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Do You Make These 3 Costly Homeowner Mistakes?

Most homeowners don't move into a home looking for ways to lose money. In fact, many of them try to save money wherever they can, like by turning off lights to save on the electrical bills or shortening shower times to save on water. Yet many of these same homeowners are making mistakes that can drain money out of their bank accounts. Are you making mistakes that could cost you a pretty penny?  Read on to see what they are and how you can avoid them!


Sometimes, ignoring small problems until they go away works really well. For example, when your mom would tell you to stop scratching that itchy mosquito bite on the back of your knee. However, ignoring small problems in a home can mean big costs later. Take a toilet that is constantly running. Many homeowners get so used to the sound of water rushing through their toilet they don't consciously notice it, or if they do, they don't make it a priority. They should! A running toilet means there is a leak somewhere in the tank that is letting water drain into the bowl, and money drain out of a homeowner's account. Fixing a leaky toilet can take about five minutes by opening the tank and adjusting the flap or float ball. (Stay tuned for a new post from Landmark Home Warranty about how to do simple repairs like this on toilets, coming soon!) Those five minutes can save a homeowner hundreds of dollars on their water bill over the course of a year.

Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away.

Other times, small problems that are ignored in a home can grow to monstrous proportions. Take a flickering light for example. While a flickering light could be a sign of a failing light bulb, it can also be indicative of faulty electrical wiring that could start a house fire. So, homeowners, pay attention to the small problems in and around your home. They might not seem like something you need to take care of ASAP, but they could be signs of larger issues at hand.


There are some pretty amazing Do It Yourself-ers out there who can make houses out of garbage and sweaters out of dog-hair, but homeowners who try to do all of their home repairs on their own could ultimately spell financial doom for themselves. Now, here at Landmark Home Warranty, we know there are all sorts of tips and tricks for home repairs that are floating around the interwebs. In fact, we even provided some ourselves.

However, there are some repairs that require a licensed and bonded contractor. Some home repairs even need state-issued permits to be performed. Many homeowners think that if they do it themselves they can save money. Unfortunately, if they don't have a secure understanding of how some of these home systems work they can end up paying more money to have a contractor come and fix their DIY attempt, than they would have paid by just calling a contractor when the appliance or home system failed. Homeowners: Pinterest isn't going to help you fix the motor on your dishwasher. Call someone who has the know-how to fix it, and you won't pay as much!

Pinterest! Why have you failed me?!


Speaking of spending more money on home repairs than you should, not getting a home warranty is the costliest mistake a homeowner can make. Here are the facts:

- Home systems and appliances are part of every home

- No matter how much maintenance is performed, home systems and appliances will fail from normal usage

- If you don't have a home warranty when systems and appliances fail, you're going to be paying hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars more on repairs or replacements

- A home warranty provides repairs and replacements for $60-$100 on covered systems and appliances that have failed from normal wear and tear

- Homeowners who decide not to get a home warranty for their home are going to end up paying hundreds of dollars more than if they purchased a home warranty

Homeowners: home warranties are worth it!

Take my money. I need a home warranty!


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