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Day-by-Day Prep for Thanksgiving

Learn how to plan out your Thanksgiving dinner prep a week in advance with this article.

Here at Landmark Home Warranty, we want you to have an excellent Thanksgiving Day. It's a day that is meant to be full of food, family, and friends. Sometimes, though, in the rush to prepare the big meal, those things are forgotten. 

If you are having Thanksgiving dinner at your home this year, don't stress! You still have time to prepare. Landmark Home Warranty has created this day-by-day prep sheet that explains what to do each day so that you don't have to be as stressed on Thanksgiving. 

Seven Days Before Thanksgiving

Today (if you are reading this the Thursday before Thanksgiving, that is) you need to plan out what you'll be serving. If you are planning on having other people bring food, you need to ask them to do so today. Any later than a week away is inconsiderate, especially if those guests are making a trip to get to your home. Then, write down what you are going to be making, and from there, make your shopping list.

Click to download infographic.

Download this graphic on how to prep your Thanksgiving dinner day by day. Click to download infographic.

Six Days Before Thanksgiving

The Friday before Thanksgiving is when you need to purchase your turkey. Depending on how many people you're going to be serving at your dinner, you can figure out the right amount of turkey to buy. If you assume that each adult guest will eat two pounds of turkey, and each child will eat one pound, you can add up how big of a turkey you need depending on how many guests you will have at your home.

Five Days Before Thanksgiving

The Saturday before Thanksgiving should be a shopping and cleaning day. Shop for the food items you'll need for the meal. Do a deeper clean on your home using these tips and clean out your fridge. (You can also clean your fridge's evaporative coils while you're at it, to keep it running and your food cold!)  This way, you can store and save the entire feast comfortably. If you have a home warranty that covers your refrigerator, you can rest easy knowing that Landmark will be there if something fails from normal wear and tear in your kitchen. 

Four Days Before Thanksgiving

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, you can start to defrost your turkey by taking it out of your freezer and putting it into the coldest part of your fridge. 

Three Days Before Thanksgiving

Today is another prep day for your home. Iron the linens you will be using at the dinner table, and make sure your platters, glassware, and china are clean and ready to go. A good tip is to plan out which food you'll be serving in each dish beforehand. You can plan how you will be decorating the table today, as well. Take a look at our adorable pumpkin vases, if you want some centerpieces. 

Two Days Before Thanksgiving

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving you can begin making food and chilling it in your fridge. Use today to make cranberry sauce and pie crusts, and prep the ingredients for stuffing and casseroles.

One Day Before Thanksgiving

Make your pies today and chill them in your fridge. You can cook casseroles, side dishes, or soups, and then keep them in the fridge until it is time to warm them up before dinner is served tomorrow. 

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day is finally here! And you shouldn't be stressed at all. First, make sure to take your turkey out of the fridge and dress it. You should put it into the oven 5-7 hours before you plan on serving it. Bake your rolls or bread during this time and any other side dishes that you didn't make ahead of time. Make your mashed potatoes, and then reheat any of the make-ahead dishes from yesterday. Remove your turkey from the oven, and then make your gravy. Once people have arrived, talk to them and enjoy yourself! You worked hard on this meal.

Want to be even more prepared for Thanksgiving? Get a home warranty from Landmark!

There is a lot that goes into making Thanksgiving dinner, and that can take a toll on your kitchen. If you have a home warranty with Landmark, you can be even more relaxed, knowing that we have your back if something goes wrong. You can be extra prepared for your Thanksgiving with a home warranty. Interested in getting the peace of mind that a Landmark Home Warranty provides? You can get more information at www.landmarkhw.com.

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