I have always been impressed with the job that Chad does and the upbeat attitude that he has.  I have always used Landmark HW when I could choose because of the ease of ordering online.

    Branden Burrup - Escrow Officer

    I LOVE your company, and recommend you EVERY SINGLE TIME!  The customer service you provide is above and beyond ANY other company out there!

    Brandi Cook - Alliance Title

    I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that Melanie Lewis really went above and beyond the call to assist me today, and I really appreciate her very much! She is a great asset to your company because of her excellent customer service, and I am very grateful for the help she gave me!

    Lisa Wheelwright - Senior Escrow Officer

    You guys are the best! You have helped sooo many of my clients. I would not go anywhere else.

    Pam Alexander Crow - Realtor

    I love Landmark Home Warranty and our rep Karl! He is the BEST!

    Debbie Heisler - Prado Kramer Real Estate

    I do a lot of work with Karl and must tell you, he does a great job here in southern Utah. Also Riley is great to work with and has always been right on the ball with getting my clients taken care of. Thanks for your great service!

    LeeAnn Walters - Keller Williams

    Summer takes care of all of my home warranties.

    Curtis Ellis - Silvercreek Realty Group

    I have used Sarah already and it was a great experience! I recommend y'all to everyone!

    Craig Brock - Keller Williams-Plano

    I LOVE Summer Sweaney...and I LOVE Landmark Home Warranty! Summer and her team are the best in customer service! I refer all of my clients to her and the Landmark Home Warranty product! Oh...and she's funny too! ;)

    Lisa Johnson - The Lee Team

    I received two e-mails in the past couple of weeks regarding claims from my buyer's. When I followed up with them, they had nothing but good things to say about Landmark Home Warranty. The process was simple and easy and the problems were fixed in a timely manner. Your company is top notch and I am proud to recommend you to all my client's. Thanks again for your professionalism and follow through. You're the BEST Summer! =)

    RuthAnn Wardak - Idaho River Realty

    We LOVE the funny post cards :)  I've known Chad for over 25 years and it is such a pleasure to work with him.

    Jerilyn Rodgers - Backman Title Services

    Chad is fantastic. We love the positive upbeat attitude he always Carries. I've always filled out the form and faxed orders in. But he had me call the toll free number. Seems like I answered 3 or 4 questions and Boom, it's done.

    Wayne Russell - Backman Title Services

    Chad Holmes is the Bees Knees!!! Every opportunity I have to direct a home warranty, I send it to Landmark. I also had a home warranty in the St. Georg area recently, and your rep down there was fantastic as well! WE LOVE LANDMARK!

    Erin Kennedy - US Title insurance Agency

    The ignitor on my furnace went out and Landmark’s customer service was friendly and helpful and got me taken care of with a contractor right away. The contractor was timely, friendly and knew was he was doing and got my furnace back up and running. Thank you Landmark. Barbara Lasky, REALTOR with Tierra Antigua Realty

    Barbara Lasky - Realtor

    Well, I just want to say I love Summer Sweaney!! She is amazing!!

    Jeffrey Wills - Realtor

    I am very pleased with Karl and the job he is doing for us. He answers all my questions quickly and with good information answers.

    Fred Shaffer - Realtor

    Landmark is AWESOME! You guys are the only ones I use.

    Jorge Sachez - Realtor

    You guys, especially Chad Holmes, are the greatest!  It’s very easy to recommend someone that takes such good of their clientele!

    Scott Richards - Escrow Officer

    Love Landmark HW. You are our preferred Warranty Company.

    Theresa Joers - Realtor

    I really enjoy Chad coming by our office and just saying Hi. I told him the other day I only order from Landmark because he is the ONLY Home Warranty Company that comes to say hello to us. All other home warranty companies come by about once a year and it’s just to change out there fliers. So I really do appreciate Chad being so involved. He is a great rep!

    Lisa Fonseca - Escrow

    I love Landmark!

    Elaine Perry - Equity Real Estate

    I would like to take the time to let you know of the great service your rep, James Hughes, did for one of my clients today.  I had a client who's warranty expired on the 6th, and for some confusion with the paperwork, did not realize it had expired.  He had an issue with the air conditioning and in Arizona that is a major problem this time of the year.  He had called in a warranty claim and was told it had expired, so he called me.  I talked to James and after he researched it, found out the problem and got the warranty handled.  My client was going to renew it anyway, but with all of your companies help, everything was handled in a very professional manner, and for that I wouold like to applaud your team.

    Keep up the great work.

    Gary Bo Weaver - Arizona Elite Properties

    Your company is the only company that I recommend.  I do not allow other Home Warranty company's to come in and leave brooches.  If I see that they somehow managed, I immediately take the others and deposited them in file 13.  :)

    Marlene Ruggeri - Escrow Officer

    I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT EVERY TIME I GET TO MAKE THE CHOICE I ORDER FROM LANDMARK!!  you guys are awesome and Chad Holmes who is my rep is the best!!!

    Becky George -

    All I know is Chad is awesome, and your home warranty’s seem to be the cheapest (best) in the business that I’ve seen.

    Susan Gallegos - Escrow Officer

    I like to use landmark because you get me what I need so fast and I can just tell them how much I have to spend and know that the warranty they put in place is great.

    Jolynn Oliver - Escrow Officer

    Whenever I have the choice I recommend Landmark.  I really appreciate the emails when someone files a claim.  It is so simple yet no one else does it.

    Ed Campbell - Metro National Title

    I can honestly tell you that ordering on the Landmark website is easier than any other company. I appreciate that you don't make us add the all the information for the seller and listing agent when placing an order for the buyer. I completely feel that is a waste of my time and have had arguments with some of your competitors when placing an order. One Company actually refused to take my order without contact information for everyone involved. Who cares who the Seller is? The home warranty co is not going to call the seller if the new owner files a claim. In addition receiving the confirmation immediately when the order is place is also very helpful. The other companies send theirs out hours or days later and that is just not always good for ones work flow.

    Elizabeth Challoner - Licensed Realtor

    Summer I love working with you! Thank you for your prompt attention to my clients needs, you are the BEST!!

    Carolyn Vaught -

    I am a realtor in Texas and have placed 9-10 clients with Landmark in the past year. Four of the clients have filed a claim, and they are all very satisfied with the quick response and satisfactory remedy! I also switched my personal residence home warranty to Landmark from a company I had been with for over 16 years!

    Bill Graves - San Antonio Texas

    Your company did fine in your handling of my claim. We like the work that your plumber does, so all is good there. You are running your company Awesomely customer oriented. It is so nice to work with a warranty company that cares. :) Kudos to the owner. -Don Glasgow, RE Broker/Realtor®/Property Manager, Home Sweet Home Rentals, Inc

    Don Glasgow - St. George Utah

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